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Artists of the Month | February 2022

2/24/2022 6:14 am



Our February 2022 Artists of the month include three artists whose work will be featured in various art shows in Baltimore County. 


Jake G, 2nd Grader in Mrs. Weis's class, has created a this wonderful painting using India ink and a bamboo brush. His work will be featured in a BMA show this March. 


"Rain on Mountain"-- Jake G., 2nd Grade


Andrew C., a third grader in Ms. Ostrander's class, has created an extraordinary origami piece that was selected to be displayed in Senator Kettleman's office. 


Andrew G., 3rd Grade


Finally, Bronwen B., a 3rd grader in Mrs. Washington's class, has created this vibrant illustration of herself as a superhero. Her work is also currently displayed in Senator Kettleman's office.



Bronwen B., 3rd Grade